Dynamic vulcanization of continuously produced TPE-V

The manufacturing of thermoplastic vulcanizates is now as ever a wide field of researches. The aspects of the researches are various material combinations of plastic and rubber, curing agents, plasticizer and the nonreactive incorporation of ground rubber as a way of rubber recycling.

However a deep comprehension of the process is necessary for the continuous dynamic vulcanization with corotating twin screw extruders.

For the continuous production of TPE-Vs two twin-screw extruder with 25 mm and 44 mm internal cylinder diameter are available at the DIK. Here throughputs between 10 kg/hour and 150 kg/per hour can be realized.Beside the recipe and the screw configuration, all relevant process parameters eg. screw speed, cylinder setup, feeding concept and temperature settings can be varied.

For a profound analysis of the compounding process to reach an improvement of product quality and economic efficiency, the process simulation can be used. This will provide valuable information as recovered for energy balance, the conveying behavior and the thermal and mechanical stress of the polymers. In addition, the use of modern simulation methods allows for a reduction of the experimental effort. 

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