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The testing site „Material Testing„ (WP) is competent under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 to carry out ‎mechanical-technological tests in order to characterize compounds and elastomers.‎

The following test methods are offered by this testing site:

Tests of elastomers: ‎
‎• Shore-A hardness according to DIN ISO 48-4/ IRHD according to DIN ISO 48-2 (method M)
‎• Compression set according to DIN ISO 815-1
‎• Creep and relaxation, plastic deformation according to VDA 675218 / PV 3307
‎• Rebound resilience according to DIN 53512 / ISO 4662
‎• Tensile strength at break, tensile stress at yield, elongation at break and stress values according to DIN 53504 / ISO ‎‎37  
‎• Tear strength of trouser test pieces according to DIN ISO 34-1
‎• abrasion resistance according to DIN ISO 4649 (method A)
‎• Accelerated ageing and heat resistance tests according to DIN 53508 / ISO 188
‎• Resistance to ozone cracking according to DIN ISO 1431-1
‎• Density according to DIN ISO 1183-1 (method A)
‎• Evaluation of the resistance to the action of liquids according to DIN ISO 1817
‎• Determination of the low-temperature behavior of elastomers according to DIN 53545
‎• Determination of the adhesion to a rigid materials according to DIN ISO 813
‎• Separation test on fabric plies bonded together according to DIN 53530 ‎
‎• Tension set according to DIN ISO 2285‎
‎• Continuous buckling test according to DIN ISO 132
‎• Determination of stress relaxation in compression according to DIN ISO 3384-1
‎• Flexometer test according to DIN 53533 to determine settlement behavior under dynamic load, flow and heat build-‎up
‎• Influence od UV radiation (various accelerate weathering test: xenon standard test according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2 / ‎DIN EN ISO 16474-2, xenon special test according to PV  3929 / PV 3930, Florida Test and many more)‎

Test of compounds:‎
‎• Mooney viscosity according to DIN ISO 289-1
‎• Pre-vulcanization characteristics using a shearing-disc viscometer according to DIN ISO 289-2
‎• Vulcanization characteristics according to DIN 53529-2 / DIN 53529-3 / ISO 6502-3‎



Further information

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Head of testing

Dr. Harald Geisler

Phone: +49 511 84201-12