Membership in the DIK

Full members can apply according to our statute for the membership in the Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie e. V. Full members can be legal persons and other associations of persons whose activities or professional interest are related to the rubber industry. The personalities which have promoted the aims of the DIK in special measure and with lasting effect can be appointed honorary members.

Members of the board of trustees

The board of trustees has to supervise the board of directors and to consult. Moreover, the board has the job to consult on essential association problems and to decide.

Advantages of the membership in the DIK   

  • Confidential consultation about scientific questions in the approach and by the realisation of projects
  • Quick consultation and assistance with technical questions and problems which appear during the use
  • Access to results of the publicly promoted research projects
  • Reductions with advanced trainings and seminars
  • Free literature service for publications and doctoral theses of the DIK
  • Manufacture of documentations and literature searches
  • Free preparation of small reports
  • Support in recruiting through internal distribution of your job advertisement (the DIK has around 40 phd-students)
  • Free advertising in the entrance area. The DIK has approximately 350 seminar attendees a year and numerous national and international guests from industry and academia


If you want to support the association work of the DIK by your membership, then please contact:

Trinidad Rodriguez Gallegos

Phone: +49 511 84201-17