Department Material Concepts and Modeling (MM)

The Department of Material Concepts and Modeling was established in 2002 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Manfred Klüppel with the aim to answer the growing industrial requests concerning the field of physical modeling of elastomers.

The main research topic in this department is the elucidation of the relationship between the microscopic structure and the macroscopic properties of flowable as well as crosslinked, reinforced elastomer systems.

Special attention is paid to applied fundamental research of the physical properties of elastomers and the implementation of micro-structure based models.

Head of department

Prof. Dr. habil. Manfred Klüppel

Phone: +49 511 84201-27


Publications at DIK

Curriculum vitae

Andrej Lang

Deputy head of department

Phone: +49 511 84201-26


Publications at DIK

Main research topics

  • Friction and wear
  • Polymer networks and blends
  • Fillers and reinforcement
  • Dielectric spectroscopy
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis
  • Rheology of rubber melts

Friction and wear

  • Theory of rubber friction
  • Tire traction
  • Contact mechanics at rough (fractal) interfaces
  • Friction and wear mechanisms
  • Fracture mechanics of elastomeric nanocomposites
  • Crack propagation and fatigue

Polymer networks and reinforcing filler

  • Theory of rubber elasticity
  • Determination of polymer network parameters
  • Characterization of fillers and filler networking
  • Theory of filler induced reinforcement
  • Material models for FEM-simulations
  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Interphase dynamics of elastomeric nanocomposites
  • Aging phenomena of polymer and filler networks

Dielectric spectroscopy and dynamic-mechanical analysis

  • High-frequency properties
  • Charge transport mechanisms
  • Microwave heating
  • Polymer-filler and filler-filler interactions
  • Interphase dynamics of filled elastomers and blends
  • Characterization of blend morphology
  • Filler distribution in blends

Rheology of rubber melts

  • Molecular rheology of entangled polymer melts
  • High pressure capillary viscosimetry
  • Elastic turbulent flow
  • Wall slip phenomena
  • Combined rheological and dielectrical analysis
  • Magnetorheology