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At present there are the following calls for projects:


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Investigations of the potential of suitable polymer blends on thermal oxidative aging stability of polydienes

Elastomer materials are very important for the production of dynamically high loaded, temperatur- and media resistant products. The life time of elastomer products is depending to a great extend on material homogeneity beside their construction and the mechanical load and chemical exposure during use.

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Cumulative Damage in Rubber Materials – Benchmark and Further Development

This project is motivated by components loaded in service. These real-life loadings are rarely of continuous cyclic constant amplitude nature. In daily use, rubber components are exposed to all kinds of  loadings. However, the lifetime of such components is often predicted using fatigue data from simple test pieces which were exposed to continuous cyclic loads with constant amplitude.

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Impact of Filler Dispersion on Mechanical Performance and Lifetime of ‎Elastomers

The project aims are to develop and improve methods for the analysis of lifetime relevant particle size ‎distributions in filler reinforced rubber compounds. This is promising to reduce the development costs for ‎high-performance compounds, especially considering durability.‎ In compounding and further manufacturing of elastomer parts, the filler dispersion is well known as a ‎crucial property for the final article performance.

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Efficiency of antiozonants in rubber matrices - Regulation of p-phenylenediamines

Elastomer materials are mandatory for temperature and media-resistant components which are under dynamical load. Their service life is significantly influenced by external factors such as the effects of ozone, oxygen and temperature, as well as the load spectrum. These influences lead to function-limiting material changes that are irreversible and, in the worst case, can lead to the failure of a component.

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Sulfur network structures in rubber/silica/silane systems

Call for industrial partners: Multi client project

  • Study of the reinforcing sulfur network structure in silica/silane systems.
  • Understanding and describing the observed macroscale properties of elastomers generated using different silica/silane system.
  • Elucidating the mechanism of the polymer silane coupling reaction by varying the vulcanization systems, the silane types and the type of rubber (NR, IR, SBRs).
  • Studying the relationship between the morphology of the reinforcing S-network structure generated by different accelerator-sulfur-silane-silica systems and the physical, mechanical, dynamic properties of these elastomers.

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Finite-Element simulation of mechanical behavior of foamed rubber parts

  • Micro mechanical simulation of foamed rubber structure
  • Modular structured marco model
  • Experimental  investigation of problem based test specimens and model validation

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Recycling of thermoplastic end-of-life articles for use in high-temperature and media-resistant thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-V) for applications in the engine compartment of alternative drive concepts

  • Increased resource efficiency by using thermoplastic recyclates
  • Improved functionality and performance of TPE-V parts
  • Increased high-temperature and media stability of TPE-V
  • Development of new material combinations

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