Organization of DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH

The task of DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH is to carry out tests and industrial contract research in the fields of:

  • polymer materials,
  • composite materials
  • as well as plastic and rubber technology 

The Managing director of DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH is  Prof. Dr. Ulrich Giese.

Testing sites and contact partner:

Technical manager:Dr. Tatjana Krups
Deputy technical manager:Dr. Harald Geisler
QM representative:Dr. Kelim Vano Herrera
Acquisition:Georg Körner
Polymer material analytics:Dr. Tatjana Krups
Material testing:Dr. Harald Geisler
Elastomer analytics:Dr. Volker Dehnke
Nitrosamine analysis:Dr. Tatjana Krups


DIK Prüfgesellschaft mbH

Eupener Straße 33
30519 Hannover, Germany

Phone: +49 511 84201-0