Information about online payment on the DIK homepage

Who is Braintree?

Braintree is a service provider that we use to process online payments (credit card, PayPal). The service provider carries out the complete credit card or PayPal account check and debits your account so that we do not come into contact with your credit card details. Braintree is a division of PayPal.

What is the process?

1You enter your data and click on "Continue with payment".
2Your data will be checked. After a successful test, you see a new dialog element and you can choose your payment option (Card or PayPal). You can also use the button "Change data" to switch back the dialog.
3Depending on the payment method selected, a new dialog element opens in which you can enter your credit card or PayPal data. Then click on "Pay Now"
4Braintree checks your data. Should there be a problem, you will be alerted. You can then correct your data or cancel the dialog.
5After a successful check, the payment dialog closes and after a few seconds the message appears that the transaction was successful.
6You will receive a confirmation email to your specified email address, in which all data is included, which you have entered in the DIK form.

I don't have a billing number

The billing number helps us with the assignement of your payment and your order. If you don't have a billing number, please wait until you receive our invoice. This will be automatically sent to you.

If you need an invoice in advance, please contact your contact person in the DIK. If not done yet, please add all data that are important for your accounting office, to prevent multiple expenses, e.g.:

  • your order number
  • a billing address, if different from your address
  • a shipping address for the invoice, if different from the billing address

Who gets access to my payment data?

Only Braintree gets access to your credit card data or PayPal data. They check your data and debit your account. The DIK doesn't get access to your data.

What is a 'Process number'?

Any charge receives a unique identifier (the so-called "Process number"). This will be listed in your confirmation mail and in our mail. It will help us identifying the order, e.g. for later cancellations.

How safe is the transaction?

1) Data transmission

The data transmission takes place via an encrypted so-called 'secure connection' (Secure Transfer Protocol, https). This is the currently available standard and is generally recognized as safe.

2) Access to the credit card data

Access to the credit card data has only Braintree, which fullfill the strict safety requirements of the credit card companies. The DIK has at no time access to your credit card data.

3) Potential security risks

There is a big amount of potential security risks by transferring data via the internet. This is commonly known and accepted. It is expected of you that you meet some minimum requirements:

  • You work with a current operating system with a current patch status.
  • You work with a current browser.
  • You use a current antivirus software.
  • You use sufficiently secure passwords.
  • You use different passwords for different service providers.
  • You prevent appropriate that other people get access to your data.
  • If you have the impression that your data has been misused, you immediately change any passwords and inform the competent authorities.

What alternatives are there for credit card payments?

You can pay by bank transfer. You will find the data in our Imprint.

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