Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edmund Haberstroh

Academic studies

Study of mechanical engineering at the TU Karlsruhe and at the RWTH Aachen (Spezialization in the technology of plastics)

PhD Graduation

PhD in mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen

Topic: "Cooling sections of extrusion lines"

Professional career


  • Scientific coworker at the Institute of Plastics Processing at IKV, Aachen


  • Head of department "Extrusion and further processing" at IKV, Aachen


  • Head of department "Molding and processing methodology (injection molding)" at the Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen/Switzerland; Professorship at the RWTH Aachen


  • Head of department "Processing Methodology" (European production) at the Pharma Gummi Wimmer West GmbH in Eschweiler; Professorship at the RWTH Aachen


  • Professorship "Rubber technology" in the faculty of mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen; visiting professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/Belgium (1996-2003)


  • Head of department "Processing Methodology" at the German Institute of Rubber Technology

Research interests

  • Rubber technology:
    • Mixing, evaluation of mixing quality of rubber compounds, injection molding, mechanical properties
  • Plastic technology:
    • Preparation, reactive extrusion, stretch blow molding, processing of polyurethane, thermoforming, welding, plastic/metal-hybrid composites

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Edmund Haberstroh

Scientific advisor

Phone: +49 511 84201-0


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