KHK 2022 Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Information about the presentation in your Zoom session

You should have received a mail with your personal access data to your Zoom session. If you don't find the mail, please contact us by mail.

Please note that this is only access to the Zoom session within your session block, not your general access to the conference.

For general participation in the conference, please always log in with your email address to the conference live platform.

Once the time comes for your Zoom session, please sign up via the Zoom link at the end of the mail on time. 

You have to use the Zoom app, not the web version. If you are not able/allowed to use the Zoom app, please check in advance if you can use a different notebook. Otherwise you have to upload your presentation in advance and the production team will play it while you moderate the slides (or you upload a prerecorded presentation).

You can keep the live platform parallel to the Zoom session open in your browser so that you can participate, for example, in the questions ("Q&A-function") about the other presentations in your session. However, please make sure that you turn off the sound in the live platform browser window as long as your Zoom session is open, otherwise you will hear the sound in both programs.

You can also close the live platform during your Zoom session, but then you will have to log in again afterwards.

In general:

  • Up until the day of your presentation, you can upload your presentation file or a prerecorded presentation to the platform provided by Event-Tech-Partner (you have received the access data by mail). This is optional, but recommended.
  • If you are recording your presentation with audio and you would like us to play it back in any case, please let us know in advance and please give us the information if you are available for the discussion.
  • If you are not able to attend the conference at all and cannot provide a recorded presentation, please inform us by email as soon as possible.

For emergencies (bandwith problems or similar), before you've started your Zoom session: please contact us via email (preferred) or phone (at the bottom of this email).

Once you are logged into the Zoom session, please discuss any issues with the technicians from the production team. They will keep us informed.

Once your presentation and discussion with the chairperson is over, you can close the Zoom window and return to the live platform in your browser.

We wish you much success for your presentation!

Common information for oral authors

We would like to point out that we accept a maximum of 1 slide of presentation for your company in your lecture. If you are interested in presenting your company you are cordially invited to sponsor the Colloquium. For detailed information please visit our sponsorship information page.

The complete conference will happen online. The platform provider offers speaker briefings and technical checks a few days before the event. We strongly encourage you to attend these briefings.

There will be 2 parallel lecture sessions. During the lectures, the participants will be able to send questions via text chat. The chairperson will collect these questions and discuss them with the lecturer after the presentation.

There will be no direct contact between lecturer and participants during the conference. Interested participants can contact the speaker by email.

Speaking time

  • 25 min + 5 min discussion with the chairperson
  • please make sure to keep the speaking time exactly


  • English

Manuscript, abstract and curriculum vitae must be uploaded by October, 12th, 2022 at latest.

Once you have registered, you will find a link to the Author Resource Center in your profile on the Conference Registration Platform where you can upload your manuscript and CV.

Preferred file format: Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Please do not send us files by email unless we have specifically asked you to do so.

Video for Speaker Training

Here you can open or download the Speaker Training Video (mp4-file, 41 MB, 21-Oct-2022, Version 2).

The file has no audio.

KHK Secretariat

Phone: +49 511 84201-17