KHK 2021 Guidelines for Oral Presentations

We would like to point out that we accept a maximum of 1 slide of presentation for your company in your lecture. If you are interested in presenting your company you are cordially invited to sponsor the Colloquium. For detailed information please visit our sponsorship information page.

To ensure a satisfying procedure presentation notebooks will be provided. Therefore every speaker has to hand-over his/her presentation to the technical assistant in the speakers preparation room at least two hours prior to the session.
There it is possible to check and eventually correct the layout. Afterwards the technical assistant will transfer the presentation to the session room. The registration and the speakers preparation room will open every day at 8.00 a. m. (Monday: 8.30 a. m.)

Additionally it is possible to submit the presentation via e-mail to until October 30th, 2021. In this case there will be the opportunity to check the layout of the presentation in the speakers preparation room.
The presentation-file will be deleted after the lecture.

speaking time 25 min + 5 min discussion please make sure to keep the speaking time exactly
language English, no simultaneous translation  
possible presentation file format Microsoft Power Point (2000 - 2016), Adobe Acrobat pdf  
preferred aspect ratio of presentation 16:9  

The notebooks will not be connected to a sound system.
Please note, Macintosh computers will not be provided at the conference. Please transfer your presentation in a format which is readable with the described equipment, for example Adobe Acrobat (pdf).

Please do not forget to send your manuscript at latest until October, 10th, 2021
(Guideline and Template here)

If you have any questions concerning the preparation of your presentation do not hesitate to contact the Technical Support via our request form or directly at

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