Current implications due to the Corona virus pandemic

Dear Customers,

In these difficult times for all of us, it is important to keep in touch with you and to inform you about the current situation at DIK. Unavoidable restrictions decided by the government have to be followed concerning the health of everyone and especially the people connected to us, including you as the contact person for our loyal customer. This is at top priority and very important to us.

Due to this we understand it as our duty to react in a proper way but to keep positive and to look ahead.

We inform you about the current situation and decisions made at the DIK considering the actual regulations published by the government:

Research and testing is running with nearly normal capacity. Everyone is reachable by phone and mail. Our switchboard is available during normal business hours. We are looking forward to continue to assist you with our competence.

All in all, we maintain our business operations with care currently required. Processing times and delivery deadlines are not affected by the measures up to day.

With all the best wishes,

please stay healty!

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Giese


Head of Institute

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Giese

Phone: +49 511 84201-10