Technische Konferenzen

Ergänzend zu den weiteren Aus- und Weiterbildungsangeboten werden auf den technischen Konferenzen in den Gebieten "Surfaces, Interfaces and Friction of Elastomers", "Rubber Friction and Tire Traction" und "Lifetime - Simulation"" Themen rundum den aktuellen Stand der Technik diskutiert.

Die Konferenzen finden in englischer Sprache statt.

Technical Conferences

The Technical Conferences on select specific topics complement the content covered in the more systematically structured modular advanced training program. With talks and reports from internationally recognized R&D specialists, the Conferences focus on what is currently state-of-the-art expertise. In this way, the Technical Conferences ideally bridge the gap between academic knowledge and day-to-day practice in industry. The Conferences are geared primarily to experienced professionals with a solid training background. Some of the Technical Conferences are held in English to additionally accommodate participants from companies and organizations with international operations. These particularly interesting events vouch for a high-caliber, very broadly based exchange among experts in their field.

Lifetime - Simulation

Content and topics of the conference

The service life of technical rubber materials is dependent on a multitude of often interlinked influencing factors. An essential component of this seminar deals with the effects of chemical and thermal aging and the complexity of the fatigue properties of elastomers under arbitrary loading conditions. These are viewed in conjunction with approaches to and the application of service life predictions. Computer-aided simulation of the load processes of elstomer parts as the starting point for the optimized design of such parts is a topic of current relevance and thus also covered in the conference.

  • Structural property relationships of filled elastomers
  • Chemical and physical aspects in aging processes
  • Thermomechanical characterization
  • Crack propagation
  • Fatigue
  • Simulation
  • Extended material models

Surfaces, Interfaces and Friction of Elastomers

Content of the conference

An integral part of the seminar is the key role played by modern functionalization technology in shaping the mechanical performance characteristics and tribological properties of composite systems.

Surface characterization with REM/ED and IR/ATR; Contact angle measurements and surface free energy; Plasma modification of surfaces; Surface modification for adhesive processes; Tribology shaft seals; Coatings as means of minimizing friction and wear; Sliding lacquer used to minimize friction on glass and sheet metal; AFM analyses and nanotribology; Surface-modified nanofillers; Modification of blacks; Nanofillers in elastomers; Silica-silane coupling; Interphase dynamics and mechanical characteristics of filler-reinforced elastomers.



Rubber Friction and Tire Traction

Content and topics of the conference

The experience of well-known specialists in this field will show new methods of solving material specific and constructive problems.

The lectures presented will provide a more fundamental understanding of friction phenomena like hysteresis and adhesion friction, friction on snow and ice, multi-scale modelling of rubber friction, contact mechanics with rough tracks and squeezing of water films.


- Rubber friction and tire traction on ice

- Wet and dry rubber friction on road surfaces

- Evaluation of high-frequency viscoelstic properties

- Insight into rubber friction on snow and ice

- Wet and dry rubber friction on rough substrates

- Load and temperature dependence of dry rubber friction  

- Squeezing of water films and dewetting

- Local friction effects and macroscopic results in elastomer contacts

- Contact mechanics of rubber with rough tracks

- Multi-scale modelling of rubber friction on rough surfaces

- Tire tread block friction and its role in vehicle dynamics


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